Ports Past and Present Film Premiere

At the Water’s Edge: Stories of the Irish Sea is a documentary about five Celtic port towns in Wales and Ireland that are connected and intertwined by the ferry routes that serve them. To get to know the landscape and the history, we hear from the people in the know. We meet up with several local characters and hear of their passion for the heritage and how their love for the place they call home is shaping the future. The film blends stories about each location’s history with the communities’ lived heritage and love for the natural beauty by which the ferry ports are surrounded. We hear of French invasions, first flights across the Irish Sea, Japanese ginkgo trees, secret gardens, one-eyed captains and their pet-ravens and of the good crack to be had in a dockers’ pub on a Friday night. We follow the ferries as they criss-cross the Irish Sea and hear of the fascinating lives of wild sea birds, family links across two countries and how through the centuries, the ships have provided a life-line for the Irish and Welsh communities situated at the water’s edge. The film invites the viewer to slow down and meet the wonderful people of Fishguard, Rosslare Harbour, Pembroke Dock, Holyhead and Dublin Port. The blend of characteristic voices, the sounds of the coast and the striking visuals of Welsh and Irish landscapes invite the viewer to discover these port towns so full of inspiring history, natural beauty and welcoming people.

Funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Ireland Wales Co-operation Programme.