Theatr Gwaun 200 Club Support us through our quarterly lottery

Theatr Gwaun runs a fundraising lottery where you can sponsor a virtual seat in the auditorium and wait to see if your seat is picked in the draw.

200 Club poster

How does the draw work?


From £15 per year, choose a theatre seat as your subscription number. Each one of the allocated ‘seats’ is entered into the quarterly draw. Winners will receive either cinema tickets or a theatre voucher.


How is the money spent?


Half the money raised goes towards our Technology Improvement Programme, supporting investment in the theatre’s sound and lighting systems. Half goes in prizes in the form of cash and Theatr Gwaun gift vouchers.



How do I enter?


Choose a seat number/s from our virtual auditorium
Visit the Box Office or telephone 01348 873421

Payment is accepted by
cash, or bank card