Abigail Goswell

1973 – 2020

Sun worshipper, cake eater, sea dipper and love giver (by Emma Goswell)

Abigail Goswell was the best little sister I could have wished for. Kind, thoughtful and always full of life.

When she passed away from stage 4 breast cancer in 2020 my parents and I were beyond shocked and devastated. We have a bench for her on her favourite beach (Pwllgwaelod), we donated to breast cancer charities and the rather brilliant Paul Sartori but it wasn’t enough. We wanted Abigail’s legacy to live on and for other people to live their lives to the fullest in her memory.

Abigail loved music. And film and theatre and musicals – but most of all music. So many of my childhood memories of her involve singing. We played our VHS video of Grease so often we could recite every line. Road trips were spent singing John Denver and Cat Stevens’ songs in the back of the car. And despite living in the Middle East, we wore our leg warmers with pride so we could pretend we were the kids from Fame! Music was always there! Despite our parents’ dreams for both us to take to the piano, it really only was Abigail who had a natural skill – going on to compose her own songs and sing them beautifully. Christmas would always involve carols and sing-alongs around the piano and in later years we’d even choreograph and film a Christmas singalong video for friends. 

Despite her musical talents, Abigail studied business and went on to be a successful international HR manager for companies like Dräger and Martin Brower. She put her heart and soul into her work and relished making sure that others fulfilled their potential. I’ve lost track of how many people have since told me how much she helped them navigate the difficult times in their careers. She wanted the best for others and wanted everyone she cared about to fulfil their dreams.

She did that for me. When I got back home after she passed away, I found a card from her that read – “don’t work too hard and keep dreaming!”

I know she’d love the idea that we can help those talented individuals in Pembrokeshire that just need that little extra boost to help fulfil their dreams. Whether they involve opera singing, guitar playing, video design, photography, acting, dancing or singing, we really hope this award will help so many others fulfil their creative potential. 

Keep dreaming and never give up!

Oh – and Abigail wouldn’t forgive us if we didn’t take this opportunity to remind you to “FEEL YOUR BOOBS AND BITS”. It was her mantra as she knew that early diagnosis was crucial to save others from cancer. Her other legacy is a brilliantly written blog about living with cancer. Expect laughs as well as tears and to find out much, much more about breast cancer and this extraordinary human being who touched our lives. Read more here.