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May 2019 – Press Release

We are both delighted, and very grateful, to be a recipient of a @TheatresTrust award of £5000 towards essential external repairs. 

Our building, which dates back to 1878 when it was opened as a temperance hall, has not benefitted from external repairs since 1994. The award will enable us to carry out remedial works and give the theatre a brand new paint job. This will improve the appearance and extend the life of the building which has become such an important part of the cultural scene in the twin towns, providing entertainment and acting experience for all sectors of the community. It is now, once again, owned by the community and operated by the Theatr Gwaun Community Trust, after having been acquired from the council via a Community Asset Transfer last year.

Theatres Trust is a national body founded in 1976 to promote the better protection of theatres for the benefit of the nation. Tom Strickland, Theatres Adviser, stated: 

“We are delighted to award Theatr Gwaun funding to repairing their building. We work to ensure theatre buildings meet the needs of their communities, and helping them remain well-maintained and welcoming is a necessary part of this. With benefits for the building, the local streetscape, and audiences, the works ensure the important community asset can continue to thrive.”

Paul Willams, Theatr Gwaun’s manager, adds: 

“The external appearance of our theatre has been on the top of a list of immediate improvements that I’ve compiled as part of my new role as manager, and the grant for the Theatres Trust will allow works to begin.

We are planning new external lighting and signage to go along side the renovation and painting and for this we are seeking donations and sponsorship. 

These improvements will provide a very visual confirmation that your theatre has begun a new era of vibrant engagement with the community, with many inspiring developments to come”

Selection for this generous award is a feather in the cap for Theatr Gwaun and on the strength of it we will be launching a fund-raising drive to raise money for additional improvements. We plan to renovate both the interior and the exterior appearance of the building along with installing new lighting and signage, as well as other improvements.  The end result will be a theatrical venue of which our enormously supportive membership, as well as the community as a whole, can be justly proud. We hope that the people of the twin towns will support us in raising funds. 

Whether you are already a loyal attendee or someone who is interested in what Theatr Gwaun can offer you, as spectator or as participant, please think about making a contribution to this exciting new chapter in the life of our brilliant community theatre. Find out what’s going on, give a donation, get involved, throw your hat in the ring and share the team spirit! 


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