Land of Songs

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A special screening of a beautiful documentary about Lithuanian village life.

‘Land of Songs’

 Sunday 30th April at 6pm

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Deep in the forests of a region in Lithuania known as the “Land of Songs,” five charming grandmothers are the bearers of their village’s ancient folk singing tradition. Singing has nourished their lifelong friendships and helped them to cope with decades of war and occupation. As the village’s youth move away, the grandmothers struggle to keep their songs alive.

We are lucky to have the director Aldona Watts in attendance for a Q&A session. She is normally based in the USA.

“Inspired by their grandmother’s vivid accounts of her WWII-era childhood, first-time sibling filmmakers Aldona (director) and Julian Watts (cinematographer) travel to Lithuania with family. They arrive in Dainava, a region known as the “Land of Songs,” where they meet a sprightly group of women who have kept their village’s ancient folk-singing tradition vibrant and essential through decades of war, occupation, and youth flight. When the filmmakers return years later, only five of the grandmothers are still alive. Land of Songs is a tender, poetic record of the lives of these remarkable women and an eloquent testament to heritage—and to the universal language of folk music.”

And some clips  and more information about the film here
We are envisaging the evening as being a cultural exchange between our two small nations which will include some traditional Welsh music before the film and a table of traditional Lithuanian snacks and handicrafts.
“These songs are the most essential part of the Lithuanian soul”. — Jonas Mekas
“It is impossible not to fall in love with these beautiful characters, portrayed with tenderness and love”.— Audrius Stonys
“A gem of a film that deserves an audience . . . First-time director Aldona Watts pulled off a minor miracle in making such an engaging work with little money”.— Baja Review
We would be delighted to see some other Lithuanians there and we invite people bring along any Lithuanian snacks, or artefacts for the evening, or even a song to sing!
After the film, they will retire to ‘Ffwrn’ near Fishguard square to continue the sharing offood, drink music and culture.